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June 2, 2020
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Retarder RCT EN


Product Profile
This product is cationic dyes retarding agent for acrylic fiber and its fabric. It is used for cationic dyes, dyeing, printing and color repairing, can reduce the initial dyeing rate, ensure cationic dye dyeing the fabric uniformly.

Appearance colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
PH 6-8(1%)
Ionicity cationic
Solubility dissoluble in water

Special Feature
1、Moderate leveling force, so that the dyeing uniformly, does not affect the color.
2、permeability is good, to give acrylic soft feel.
3、good re-dyeing resistance.
4、dye migration is strong in repairing or change color, less waste, less dosage can obtain excellent dyeing effect.
5、good antistatic property.

Light color :1.5%-3.0% o.w.f.。
Middle color :1.0%-1.5% o.w.f.。
Dark color :0.5%-1.0% o.w.f.。
The dosage needs to increase 1% in rapid dyeing, appropriate to reduce the heating speed at 85-100 ℃, and at high temperature, can be appropriately to shorten dyeing time, to save energy.
Note: you can adjust the dosage according to your own needs.

As we can’t fully take into account every condition the product is used in, our customers have to apply their technique and products according to the corresponding conditions by trials. When mixing with other auxiliaries, you have to choose suitable products and their proportions with experiments.
We guarantee the security, transportation, processing of products and support to our customers. If you need more information of our products, please contact our Technical Department.

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