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June 2, 2020
June 8, 2020

Printing Thickener EC-19


Product Profile
At present, the market demand is increasing day by day and the demand for product performance is improving gradually. Based on this market prospect we developed printing paste series. This product adopts polysaccharide compound with sodium alginate, and combines advanced technology to make the paste play a great role in structure viscosity, rheology, thixotropy and stability. At the same time, the product also get good performance in color levelness, color yield, brightness.


Appearance: Light yellow powder
PH: 8 (1% solution)
Solubility: Easy to dissolve in room temperature water
Ionicity: Anion
Composition: Polysaccharide complex

Special Feature
1. High paste rate, low dosage, easy to disperse, and good water-holding performance without flushing;
2. Excellent rheological and thixotropic properties, thus showing good levelness, color yield and brilliance.
3. Excellent penetrating performance and high definition of printing contour
4. Good stability, long storage time, and difficult for hydrolysis;
5. Easy to use, quick to be paste ,save time.
6. Environmentally friendly.

I Preparation of printing stock paste (taking 100kg as an example)

1. Take 6kg EC-17 stand by;
2. Place the 100-liter dry purifying material bucket under the blender, and add the purified water/tap water into the bucket till reach 2/3 of the position
3. Turn on the blender (1500 RPM). When the water is stirred to be vortex, sprinkle the prepared 6kg E-F122 into the bucket slowly and evenly. At this point, immediately add water to 95 liters position, just as 6% solution.
4. Keep the stirring speed at 1500 RPM, and stop stirring after 6-8 minutes and standing;
5. It can be used after two hours (if standing for 4 hours, the application effect will be better);
Note: the stirring time depends on the amount of original paste, if the amount is increased, the stirring time shall be extended appropriately.

II Formulation and modulation of printing color paste:
Disperse dye: X %
Original paste: Y %
Water: 100%

In order to achieve the best effect, before use, please test small sample as checking.

As we can’t fully take every using condition into account, our customers should apply their technique and products according to the corresponding conditions by trials. When mixing with other auxiliaries, you should choose suitable products and their proportions with experiments.
Our products are manufactured according to local safety standard, please refer to MSDS for details. If you need any more information, please contact our Technical Department.

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