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June 2, 2020
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June 2, 2020

Low temperature pretreatment agent 15


Product Profile
This product is mainly suitable for semi bleaching finishing of cotton yarn, cotton cloth and general cotton fabric before dyeing. The scouring temperature is only about 80 ℃, and the energy consumption can be reduced. It has replaced many auxiliaries such as caustic soda, scouring agent, oxygen bleaching stabilizer and so on. After des treatment, the impurities, waxes, size and natural pigments on the fabric can be effectively removed, which makes the surface of the fabric bright and clean, soft and smooth; at the same time, the hydrophilicity and water absorption diffusivity of the fabric are significantly increased, which can correspondingly improve the coloring rate and levelness of the dyeing process.
Appearance: white dust-free granular
PH value (1% diluent): 12.0 ± 0.5
Solubility: completely soluble in 40 ℃ hot water

Special Features
1. The pulp can be hydrolyzed quickly with low dosage, and the impurities such as fat, wax and cottonseed shell can be degraded to increase whiteness.
2. On the premise of saving additives and energy, the treatment effect is equivalent to the traditional method, and the strength loss is significantly lower than the traditional method.
3. So that many steps of pretreatment are combined to realize one-step pretreatment of ecological environmental protection.
4. Excellent scouring effect can be achieved at 80 ℃.

Dosage: cryogen: 2-3 g / L; hydrogen peroxide (30%): 5-7 g / L; bath ratio: 1:15
Process: cloth feeding → adding cryogen → heating up to 40-50 ℃, adding hydrogen peroxide, then heating up to 70-80 ℃, scouring for 60 minutes and then draining → hot water cleaning once (80-90 ℃× 5-10min), draining → cold washing once, draining → adding clear water, adjusting pH value 6-7 (adding deoxidase) → adding dye.

As we can’t fully take into account every condition the product is used in, our customers have to apply their technique and products according to the corresponding conditions by trials. If it is used with other auxiliaries, we recommend to test first and make adjustment as necessary.
Our products are manufactured according to local safety standard, please refer to MSDS for details. If you need more information of our products, please contact our Technical Department.

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