High Temperature Anti-yellowing Agent PS-D
June 2, 2020
Low temperature pretreatment agent 15
June 2, 2020

Leveler MKY-43


Product Profile
This product is developed for polyester fiber rapid dyeing, with excellent retarding and decentralized performance, can inhibit strike at the beginning of dyeing, promote the dye evenly absorbed when heated, has good dyeing levelness. Can also be used to repair the color and the second dyeing.

Appearance : yellow liquid
pH : about 4
Solubility : dissolve in water

Special Features
1, this product has excellent retarding performance, can inhibit strike at the beginning of dyeing,, it not only can promote dye evenly absorbed when heat up, but also have excellent dyeing uniformity and dye migration.
2, excellent dispersion performance, can prevent the heat coagulation of disperse dye. Give dyed bright color , and can prevent the formation of the dyeing disease such as specking boils, therefore, uniform color.
3, low foaming ability, it can prevent the problem due to foaming.
4, can be used in PET/wool blended yarn dyeing, can get deep and vivid color.

General dosage :1-3g/L,
Note:according to the actual condition to adjust the dosage

As we can’t fully take into account every condition the product is used in, our customers have to apply their technique and products according to the corresponding conditions by trials. When mixing with other auxiliaries, you have to choose suitable products and their proportions with experiments.
We guarantee the security, transportation, processing of products and support to our customers. If you need more information of our products, please contact our Technical Department.

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