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June 2, 2020

Alkali agent E(-5)


Product Profile
New developed eco-friendly alkali agent, It is in powder form. It’s totally high alkalinity, best buffer capacity that possess the rapid dyeing property, therefore, can shorten dyeing cycle, and save energy.

• Component: organic compound
• Appearance: white or light yellow powder
• pH value (1% solution): about 12
• Solubility: dissolvable in cold water

1. It can be used as a replacement of soda ash in reactive dyeing
2. Total alkalinity is high ,the dosage is only 1/7~1/10 of soda ash.
3. Excellent buffer capacity,can put in dyeing bath in one time. that can keep the dyeing liquid in stable pH value that can obtain good levellness.
4. Good solubility, easy to use ,and can save water usage in after dyeing washing or acidic washing
5. Can be used in various dyeing equipments and processes.

1、Diluted with water to 1/7 ~1/9 before using, so that the dosage is same to soda ash. Never add the liquior directly into the dying bath.
2、 The dosage of E(-5) depends on the operation of dyeing system. ordinary dosage is 1-4g/L, before using ,must confirm it in the laboratory first.
3、The procedure of dying is showed as follows:

Auxiliary agent dye Soda sulfate E(-5) 60mins

As we can’t fully take into account every condition the product is used in, our customers have to apply their technique and products according to the corresponding conditions by trials. If it is used with other auxiliaries, we recommend to test first and make adjustment as necessary.
Our products are manufactured according to local safety standard, please refer to MSDS for details. If you need more information of our products, please contact our Technical Department.

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