Welcome to Nantong Dezhi Chemical Co., Ltd

Nantong Dezhi Chemical provides various printing and dyeing auxiliary agents, such as New alkaline agents, Low-temperature pre-treatment agent 15 and Scouring enzyme 118-6 for printing and dyeing industry.

We have attached paramount importance to the finest, customer-oriented R&D to bring the product as close as possible to the requested specifications. We have developed a number of products customized according to each client’s requirement and usage, which has improved customer satisfaction. Another point on which we put great value is prompt service — that is a company-wide policy to be more in tandem with the customers.

Our mission is to contribute to the community development and building of a sustainable society through innovation in niche industries.

Nantong Dezhi Chemical continues to enhance our technology and venture into new fields, in response to the needs of customers and society.